Save Everquest!

     Hello you all may know me as Irull or Baredroa!

It is with a very sad heart I created this website. How many people would be willing to stand up for ever quest?

I believe if enough of us stand together we can get the ever quest officials to change their mind.

 I for one vow that on March 29 I will never buy another piece of PlayStation equipment or video games again! How many people is willing to stand up foe EQOA 

How could could they possibly shut down ten years of friendship and time lost playing everquest! Ever quest is more than a game it is a way of life for many people! Do you realize how many lives are being affected by your lousy decision to shut down the game?


        Your EQ friend Irull aka Baredroa!!/j_smedley

They saved Eq on Mac lets do it on PS!